A cat, a map and 25 weeks of Maine made goodness

25 weeks of Maine makers. It’s been bliss, honestly. Absolute bliss. As of right now, Made in Maine features posts on 22 artists across the state. It includes woodworkers of all kinds (guitars, fishing lures, realistic flowers, rainbow pepper mills), people who pour concrete, paint, felt little gnomes, design and code video games, and much, […]

Maine man hooks fishermen with 1900s reproductions

The scene is set in Bartow, Florida, in the early 1930s. A man named William Eger designs something he likes to call the “Florida Special.” But with recent events on the brain, the locals start calling it the “Dillinger” because the patented, prison-stripe-patterned beauty’s main purpose is to kill its prey so the user can […]

Maine logging leftovers for your kitchen counter

For Kim Dailey, it all started with a pen. Maybe that’s unfair — it didn’t exactly start there for Kim. The pen was more like a coming together of all the roots he’d laid over the years. It was a coming together of family, upbringing, profession and community. That’s a whole lot of awesome to […]