About Micky

Because this blog is about some of the amazing things produced by people across Maine, it may surprise you to hear that I was actually made in Massachusetts: born and raised. My adult life has consistent mostly of hopping around the Northeast, though. I have a friend who once proposed my memoir should be titled “She packed. And then she packed again.”

I’ve moved five times in the last three years across four states: Vermont, New York, out to Western Massachusetts and now Maine. All because I’m passionate about telling stories and sharing my photos with the world. Photojournalism drives my life, in and out of the office. Most recently I moved to Bangor to work for the BDN, and hopefully I won’t be moving again anytime soon.

Photo by Tom Pitta

Photo by Tom Pitta

My favorite thing to do every time I pick up and throw my roots back down (besides my job) is to find locally made, locally loved products made by real people in my new home. Finding something that has been made at the house next door makes me immediately feel closer to the community I live in, connected to the people who’ve long made their lives here. And honestly, things that are solidly and beautifully crafted make me happy in the simplest way. I deeply appreciate a good farmers market and it’s very difficult to keep me away from any kind of craft fair.

As a photojournalist, my favorite stories have always been ones that bring me to people who share my passion and creativity but direct it towards a different medium. Whether they’re painting, sculpting, cooking, designing, crafting, farming, or something else entirely, has never really mattered to me. If they have a passion for something, I have a passion for telling their story.

When you combine those two loves you get this blog: Made in Maine. Photos, videos and stories about the beautiful people who live here and the equally beautiful things they make. I’m excited for the journey, and I hope you enjoy the results.